As we wrap up the 2023-2024 school year at Canterbury Creek Farm Preschool, we are filled with gratitude and joy. Our preschool students had a fantastic final day, singing special songs they had prepared for their parents and presenting thoughtful, handmade gifts. It was heartwarming to see the pride and excitement on the children’s faces as they showcased their hard work and creativity.

After the performances, families explored our preschool and farm grounds, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of our farm. The children led their parents around, showing them their favorite spots and sharing stories about their daily adventures. It was a wonderful opportunity for families to see firsthand the environment where their children have been learning and growing.

To celebrate, each family brought a finger food, creating a delightful and diverse picnic on the farm. The picnic was filled with laughter, delicious food, and wonderful conversations. Parents connected with each other, sharing their experiences and making new friends, while the children played together, making the most of their final day of school. It was a perfect day, filled with cherished moments and joyful memories.

We are sad to say goodbye but are lucky that many will be joining us again next year or have siblings that will be attending in the future.   We are looking forward to the upcoming summer camps at Canterbury Creek Farm Preschool, where new adventures and learning experiences await. Our summer camps provide a unique, hands-on learning experience where children can interact with animals, explore nature, and make new friends. With 13 camps scheduled throughout the season, including our new Kindergarten Prep Camps, there’s something for every child to enjoy.

We are thankful for the amazing families that we have at farm school.  We hope everyone has a great summer!