Today marked the beginning of our summer camps at Canterbury Creek Farm Preschool, and it couldn’t have gone better! We were blessed with beautiful, sunny weather, perfect for a day of fun and adventure on the farm. Our first camp session saw a wonderful mix of young and older campers, many of whom were experiencing their first time away from their parents. Both kids and parents were understandably a bit nervous, but the magic of Canterbury Creek quickly put everyone at ease.

A Fun-Filled Day

From the moment the children arrived, excitement filled the air. Our engaging and friendly environment made it easy for the kids to forget their initial nerves. They were eager to meet new friends and dive into the variety of activities we had planned.

  • Feeding the Animals: One of the highlights of the day was feeding our farm animals. The children loved getting up close and personal with the goats, chickens, and, of course, our beloved alpaca, Sugar. This hands-on experience not only brought joy but also taught them about animal care and responsibility.
  • Art and Play in the Barn: Creativity flowed as campers participated in various art projects inside our cozy barn. They painted, crafted, and expressed themselves through art, making beautiful creations to take home.
  • Exploring the Playgrounds: Our multiple playgrounds provided endless opportunities for exploration and play. The kids climbed, swung, and ran around, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. These outdoor play sessions helped them burn off energy and develop their physical skills.

Upcoming Highlights

Later in the week, campers will have the exciting opportunity to enjoy pony rides, one of the highlights of our summer camp. The children are always thrilled to meet and ride our gentle ponies. Pony rides are not only fun but also help build confidence and coordination.

Building Confidence and Friendships

What makes Canterbury Creek Farm Preschool an ideal place for first-time campers is our supportive and fun environment. The children quickly overcame their initial shyness and were soon laughing and playing together. Summer camp at Canterbury Creek is a multi-age experience, allowing older campers to take on leadership roles and set positive examples for the younger children. This dynamic creates a nurturing community where everyone feels included and valued.

Preparing for Full-Time School

Our summer camps are not just about fun; they also provide valuable preparation for younger preschoolers who will be starting full-time school in the fall. The camp setting helps them get accustomed to a structured environment, following routines, and interacting with peers. This experience eases the transition to school, making them more confident and ready for the next step in their educational journey.

Looking Forward to More Adventures

Today was just the beginning of a summer filled with exciting activities and new friendships at Canterbury Creek Farm Preschool. We are thrilled to see the children so happy and engaged, and we look forward to more days of learning, exploration, and fun.

Thank you to all the parents for trusting us with your children’s first camp experience. We are committed to making this summer a memorable and enriching time for all our campers.

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