Winter at Farm School

Fall at Farm School: Part 2
December 16, 2015
Winter at Farm School – Part 2
March 24, 2016

We are enjoying winter at Farm School and thankful to have snow to play in!

Check out a few highlights from December and January.

In December, the students went on a candy cane hunt on the playground.


Everyone made a snowman to give to their parents using wood from fallen trees on the Farm.  Thanks to Mr. T for preparing it for us!

We have some very helpful students!


Practicing counting by putting ornaments on the tree.



Mud soup, anyone?  So much teamwork going on here to make the delicious soup!


The students were preparing the Reindeer Mix for the Holiday party.

IMG_0513 IMG_0526

Teachers wearing “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”.  The students enjoyed all the colors and animals on them.IMG_0515

The students were preparing artwork to decorate the school for the party.


The students loved dancing to the music during free choice before their parents arrived for the party. 


In January we reviewed all of our letters and Zoo-phonics animals with a matching mitten game.  Can you guess which animal we are practicing in the picture?  *Answer “Dee Dee Deer”IMG_0718

During free play these students wanted to work on fine motor activities and art at the table with Mrs. Carigon.


Need an exciting activity to practice writing letters?  Spray shaving cream on a cookie sheet and let the fun begin! shavingcreampractice IMG_0731

A great activity for so many reasons: push pins on letter k. IMG_0736IMG_0741

Snow fun on the hill!IMG_0738

Creating words on the whiteboard IMG_0739

Fine motor practice: Pom Poms with tweezers & tongsIMG_0740

Snow and animals in the texture table


The students acted out the story “The Mitten”

The students found a lot of animal tracks on their walk!IMG_0805

During dinosaur week we learned how big the foot of T-Rex was. IMG_0825

Searching for bones to add to the skeleton. IMG_0827 IMG_0832

We found an egg outside and sprayed vinegar on it to discover a tiny dinosaur insideIMG_0843

The students practiced being a paleontologist by finding “fossils” in their chocolate chip cookie with their toothpick.

IMG_0850 IMG_0855

Mr. Zank, the farrier came to trim the horses hooves so the students learned all about the processIMG_0929 IMG_0932

Storm getting his manicureIMG_0937

During Beach Day the students were doing the crab walkIMG_0947

The students loved their beach day snack! IMG_0948IMG_0994

Playing “hot potato” with a beach ball during beach day. IMG_0962

Painting shells during beach day

Beach day bingo


Where is the shell hiding?IMG_0986

Sink or float experiment with water vs salt water

Singing to the animals 🙂

Lastly a PSA: Please do not light off paper lanterns.  They are beautiful when they are in the sky but “what goes up, must come down.”  Unfortunately, we found this lantern in the pasture with the animals which can be very dangerous.  Luckily none of the animals stepped on it.


Thanks for visiting our blog! Hope you are enjoying winter as much as we are at Farm School!

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