Safety Week at Canterbury Creek Farm School

Welcome to Farm School 2015-2016!
October 7, 2015
Fall at Farm School
November 10, 2015

We started off October with a week devoted to safety.  In the pictures below you will see us in the barn during our fire drill.

IMG_9061 IMG_9060

After our fire drill we had a visit from the firefighters from Ada Fire Department, Chief Dave Murray, Firefighter Nick Dewey and  Lieutenant Peggy Ferguson.  We also had a visit from Firefighter Andrew Albright from Cascade Fire Department (a parent of one of our students).  Mrs. Goyne even put on the firefighter gear.







Grand-Rapids-Canterbury-Creek-Farm-Prescchol-10 IMG_9181

The Firefighters recommend a few important tips for families:

1: Practice fire drills at home.
2: Make sure everyone knows where your special meeting spot is, like the mailbox, a tree, a playhouse, etc.
3: Practice “Stop, Drop and Roll”
4. Have students learn their street address and how to dial 911

After the firefighters talked to us about fire safety we went outside to explore the fire truck.

Grand-Rapids-Canterbury-Creek-Farm-Prescchol-11 IMG_9207IMG_9148IMG_9201

We had another special guest, who is a Canterbury Creek parent, Mrs. Roberts.  She is a paramedic and had many volunteers help her with dialing 911, putting bandages on, checking heart rates, etc.  After learning a lot, they went outside to check out the inside of the ambulance.

 IMG_9285 IMG_9275 IMG_9274  IMG_9242 IMG_9245Grand-Rapids-Canterbury-Creek-Farm-Prescchol-13 IMG_9252Grand-Rapids-Canterbury-Creek-Farm-Prescchol-16

A former Canterbury Creek parent, Deputy Allen came to talk to the students about all the items on his belt, how he keeps everyone safe, when to call 911 and then we went outside to explore the police car.  Students could turn on the lights and “blow” them out as well.  He even practiced one of our Halloween Songs with us.

IMG_9338IMG_9363 IMG_9293 Grand-Rapids-Canterbury-Creek-Farm-Prescchol-15 IMG_9303 IMG_9327 IMG_9317

Lastly, Deputy Iacoboni, a parent of one of our students brought two mounted police horses for the students to meet.  The other animals were so curious who the visitors were at Farm School.


Thanks again to all the visitors this week, we all enjoyed it so much!

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