Fall at Farm School: Part 2

Fall at Farm School
November 10, 2015
Winter at Farm School
February 8, 2016

We are continuing to enjoy fall at farm school.

Included are a few highlights from our Thanksgiving Feasts, a visit from the farrier and a couple of action shots making our bird feeders.

Below the students are preparing the vegetables and table runner for our Thanksgiving Feast.


 One of our many Canterbury Creek traditions is enjoying a Thanksgiving Feast together at the same table.  It is a special time!

CanterburyCreek- Feast- 1 CanterburyCreek- Feast- 2   CanterburyCreek- Feast- 3

CanterburyCreek- Feast- 4

Thank you to all the parents that helped us for the feasts, we couldn’t do it without you!

CanterburyCreek- Feast- 3.2  IMG_0205

CanterburyCreek- Young Fives -12


The students made bird feeders so the birds could enjoy a nice Thanksgiving as well.

CanterburyCreek- Bird Feeders-1

CanterburyCreek- Bird Feeders-13

These students were waiting for the birds to eat off of their bird feeder they made.


The Young Five’s students made bird feeders by stringing cheerios on pipe cleaners, a great fine motor activity.


Dusty is nice and cozy in her new winter blanket!


Dusty is getting a pedicure from the farrier, Mr. Zank.

Horses need their hooves trimmed every 8 weeks, just like we need to trim our nails.


The Young Five’s students were pretending to be “Inny Inchworm”

CanterburyCreek- Young Fives -1


The students were practicing their numbers during snack.


  Thanks for checking out our highlights! Have a wonderful Holiday!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you all so much for putting together a great school! Pax absolutely loves school and all the fun activities you do!

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