Winter at Farm School – Part 2

Winter at Farm School
February 8, 2016
Summer Camps at Farm School
August 7, 2017

We had a wonderful winter at Farm School.   Check out a few highlights from February and March.  One of our favorite highlights include the birth of 3 lambs born on the farm.   The students enjoyed petting a one day old lamb and continuing to check on them each day to see how fast they grow up!

Below we went for a nature hike looking for tracks and stopped to read a book.

IMG_1201 IMG_1203

The chickens laid a few eggs!IMG_1189

During transportation week we went to the barn to check out the tractor and learned about how useful they are on the farmIMG_1171

For Valentine’s we practiced patterning, ate a delicious snack, played pass the heart, played bingo and made bracelets.

IMG_1224  IMG_1242


IMG_1238IMG_1241  IMG_1253  IMG_1270 IMG_1269 IMG_1256 IMG_1254

During Space week we marble painted Earth, learned all about planets and did some exciting experiments!

IMG_1469 IMG_1345


Below students are working on matching, patterning and fine motor activities

IMG_1468  IMG_1466  IMG_1467

Relaxing in the library and listening to a few stories.

IMG_1987  We love when our students volunteer to read to their peers 🙂 IMG_1989


During pet week we enjoyed having a vet teach us about taking care of our pets, we also learned about Mr. Sophie, our rabbit.


The students learned about the Chinese New Year as well as a few songs and words in Chinese


The animals enjoyed the snow this winter, everyone had thick winter coats (fur).


The students enjoyed the days where the snow was good enough to make snowmen or forts

IMG_1502 IMG_1487

Check out all the snow we got on the playground and in the woods on our snow day!

     IMG_1497 IMG_1498IMG_1489

The students were making our Zoo-Phonic friend, Sammy SnakeIMG_1612

Acting out “Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed”


On Leap day, this adorable lamb was born. Her name is Lucky.

Check out her spots 🙂


On March 1st, this little Peanut was born.  He was the smallest of the lambs so we kept the name, Peanut.


Everyone got to pet Peanut, he was such a good boy for everyone and liked the attention.  They loved feeling how soft he was. IMG_1775

This is our third lamb, named Pickles (the students all gave great suggestion for names).

IMG_1718 IMG_1715

During camping week we enjoyed hanging out in the tents and using our new cookware (thanks to Mrs. MacFarlane for the donation)

IMG_1732 IMG_1736IMG_1749


We even made our own “campfire” on the playground


During Nursery Rhyme week we really learned a lot from the Librarian from Kent District Library, Mrs. Yoder
The students LOVED the waffles they made for PJ Day, thanks to all the parents that came to help, we really enjoyed having you!
IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1931 IMG_1940 We are loving the warmer weather, the animals were all soaking up the sun on this sunny day

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